Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keith Merrow - Retrospecial (2012)

Keith Merrow
Album:  Retrospecial
Genre:  Progressive/Experimental/Groove/Melodic/Technical/Instrumental

Track Listing:
1. Spice Dealer
2. Top Romulan
3. Secret Brick Chicken
4. N.O.o.B.E
5. Maximilian
6. Andromeda
7. Andromeda II
8. Pillars of Re-Creation

Perhaps the most well-known one-man homemade instrumental project, Keith Merrow can write a riff like nobody’s damn business.  Even Jeff Loomis can’t help but respect, as you can hear on the preview track.  If you like you some catchy headbanging riffs, this guy’s for you, trust me.


  1. It would be cool but he always throws some ghey ass satriani solo noodles into it always wrecks it for me i give this 1 star

    get gud keith .

  2. I can say the other person that commented is an idiot. This is a decent sounding instrumental. Not a bad download. Also don't bitch when its free and you probably cant make something like this.


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