Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FATE - Demo (2009)

Album:  Demo
Genre:  Deathcore/Technical Deathcore/Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Fossil-Fueled Genocide
2. Legacy of Traitors
3. Infestation of Life
4. Immortal Bloodbath
5. Faction of Deceit
6. Doom

FATE is the defunct former band of members of SHADOW OF THE FUCKING COLOSSUS (the drummer, bassist, lead guitarist, and the vocalist are all on this CD), and this album is freaking IMPOSSIBLE to find a copy of online…so spread it like a virus!  FATE also released an album titled “Vultures” through Metal Blade in 2008, but that one’s not as good AND much easier to come by if you’re curious (it also doesn’t include the vocalist Drew Winter, who used to be in Conducting from the Grave!).  Anyways, while not nearly as good as SOTC’s self-titled, or their impending release “END GAME”, I feel this demo is still better than 95% of other releases in this particular subgenre.  The album concentrates a lot less on the atmosphere & progression that SOTC focuses on and centers mostly around a heavy and somewhat generic sound, but god damn is it done well.  I think this is more for fans of a less chuggy Somatic-era Whitechapel, but that’s just me.  Again, make sure you share this around – they gave the album away for free on their former myspace page, but the link is down and google doesn’t turn up a damn thing either…so enjoy this, I just ripped it for you guys this morning <3


  1. thank you for posting this, like you said vultures was easy to find But i had been looking for this since the days of listening to them ON MYSPACE lol. so excited to hear/have this THANK YOU GOOD SIR

  2. This is hard to find, but even harder is their 2006 demo...I have it but I'm not an uploader. here is the track listing
    1.tragic losses for tragic causes
    2.this beauty is murder
    3.i forgot her name
    4.muffin man vs. godzilla

  3. hey white rhino could you send me that demo by any chance? i'd really like to have it


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