Friday, March 16, 2012

Scorned Deity - The Monarchy Memoirs (2011)

Scorned Deity
Album:  The Monarchy Memoirs
Genre:  Progressive/Melodic/Blackened/Symphonic/Technical Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. As Dusk Repels Light
2. Infernal Depravity
3. Demonic Psychosis
4. Incremental Resentment
5. Compute the Digits
6. The Alteration of Mankind
7. Pale Thoughts and Dreams
8. Self Immolation
9. Keeper of the Well
10. Swords of the Gods
11. For Those Bound By Time
12. A Magician of the Build
13. Polluted Minds

Download (320kbps)
Preview:  "Incremental Resentment" / "Compute the Digits" / "The Alteration of Mankind"

This is the next post in my series of the best albums of last year that went COMPLETELY unnoticed before (I had it as the 5th best album from all of 2011 behind only TBDM, Fallujah, Erra, and Ever Forthright).  You know how I can tell this band is unnoticed?  Check out the number of their likes on Facebook...then listen to their music.  Look past the murky production and prepare to be blown away -- "The Monarchy Memoirs" incorporates so many elements of what makes all the different genres of death metal great, while still having plenty of groove/melody to get you core kids out there tapping your feet.  Fast, technical, interesting musicianship with creative song structures and haunting background symphonic notes that absolutely complete the sound this band is going for.  If you're on DuckCore and you don't already have this on your iPod, you NEED to get it.  NOW.  Don't take my word for it's what another reviewer had to say about this masterpiece:


  1. I just simply can't get into it... I think its to many elements that really fucks them. Jack of all trades master of none.

  2. Nah I've listened to a lot of bands like these but i just can't get into them. Oh and about "core kids" I don't think liking "core" music is bad, and I'm not saying you said it is.

    come on man, learn to appreciate varieties of music

  3. Listening to "Incremental Resentment" now... I dig it. I like the symphonic stuff... not bad.


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