Thursday, March 22, 2012

It All Ends Here - Our World At Waste (2012)

It All Ends Here
Album:  Our World At Waste
Genre:  Deathcore/Metalcore
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Track Listing:
1. Our World At Waste
2. Find 30 (Minutes of Exorcise)
3. Drowning
4. Extortion
5. Quicksand
6. (w)anchors
7. Nightcrawlers

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Preview: "Drowning"

While this album won't scramble your brains with progression by any means, it's so damn catchy and well-played that you can't help but enjoy listening to it.  A little like Before He Shot Her mixed with Behold the Legend (if you know either of those bands)..."Our World At Waste" comes complete with some heavier-than-lead bouncy/groovy riffs, solidly-written breakdowns, and some metalcore interludes to keep you on your toes.  I bought the album for $7 b/c I wanted to let the band know my body was ready.  Is your's?

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