Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chamber Of Solace - Immortal (2013)

Artist: Chamber Of Solace
Album: Immortal
Genre: Progressive Metal/Djent


01. Parent
02. Overture
03. Development
04. Liar's Amongst Us
05. Psychic Death
06. The Search for Osiris
07. Akasha
08. The Fourth Attainment
09. Initiation
10. Logos
11. Avatar of Synthesis
12. Source


Preview: Liars Amongst Us

I don´t like female vocalists in metal. They always have this "exotic" feeling, they don´t need to be good or talented. Example: Angela Gossow from  Arch Enemy is, imo, a horrible vocalists, but she´s a woman and she´s fuck it.

But Ebony Rosier fits perfect with Roma Ivakov´s outstanding groove and melodic instrumentals. So this is very great.
BTW: If you want an outstanding female vocalist, take Obscure Spinx.


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