Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ordinance - Internal Monologues (2011)

Album:  Internal Monologues
Genre:  Progressive/Technical (Death) Metal/Experimental/Melodic

Track Listing:
1. Seldom Thought
2. Opposition
3. Repress
4. Desensitizing Process
5. V
6. Internal Monologues
7. How the Biased Live
8. Singular Perspective
9. Struggling With the Inevitable
10. Circular Logic
11. This Theory; Repeating
12. Fear of Discovery (Demo) [Bonus Track]

Preview:  “Repress”

These guys are so good…”Internal Monologues” made my AOTY list last year at number 7 or so.  They have the great Alex Rudinger on drums, who also plays for the incomparable Fleshwrought AND Threat Signal, so you know this is going to be awesome.  Plus, the album has a recurring theme of the movie “V for Vendetta”, which is in my top 5 favorite ever.  Just do it already <3


  1. This download link just redirects to a picture.

  2. not big into death metal but this is just nuts


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