Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make Them Suffer - Lord of Woe (REMASTERED Super DUBSTEP REMIXXXXXX(but not really)) 2013

Make Them Suffer
Genre: Symphonic Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Lord Of Woe

Download (192kbps)
Preview: "Lord Of Woe"

WARNING: I WAS LYING ABOUT THE "SUPER DUBSTEP REMIXXXXXX". Make Them Suffer released this monstrous track way back when on that Lord of Woe ep and now they are once again releasing it; this time for free ;). The song is back and completely remastered and it sounds pretty good.. for only being 192kbps. Honestly don't understand why it's such a low bitrate, BUT, even with the quality being a little disappointing, it still sounds sexy as fuck. Some of the only deathcore I still like. 

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  1. "some of the only" Meaning there's about two handfuls or such, most of which are in the underground metal scene I.E. Slice The Cake, Delta, and such. And I also stated still like, I've been a viewer here for quite a while, I'm just slowly losing interest in deathcore. My taste is changing. Thanks for the reply!


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