Monday, September 17, 2012

Nailed God - Glorification Of The Unborn (2009)

Artist: Nailed God
Album: Glorification Of The Unborn
Genre: Melodic Black Metal / Death Metal
Location: Rome

Track List

1. Intro (Glorification)
2. Funeral of Christ
3. The Baptism
4. The Hammerer
5. Necrocult
6. March of the Undead 0
7. Magdalene the Whore of Satan
8. World Without Christianity
9. Sodomize Jesus Christ
10. Blasphemy Upon the Cross
11. Outro (Unborn)

Some sick shit right here. Evil as fuck, really catchy and fast paced, this is for anyone that likes the death metal side of blackened death metal. I love how they perfected this genre mashing, really bringing out the melodic and tuning side of black metal but still mainly using the song structure of death metal. Give the preview a listen and I'm sure if you like this genre, you'll be impressed. The song I wanted for a preview wasn't on YouTube but check out The Hammerer (I consider it the stand out song on the album). I also dig this dudes vocals too. Give em a spin!

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