Monday, May 12, 2014

Review: Inveterate - Pathogenic (2014)

Artist: Inveterate
Album: Pathogenic
Genre: Deathcore

1. Pathogenic 
2. Warpath
3. Bay Harbor Butcher
4. Screaming For Salvation
5. Mirrors

First off, this is an EP that was both more and less than I expected. After listening to this EP as a single piece of work, I was definitely impressed. The intro track, “Pathogenic” was awesome and really pulled me into what I was about to hear. However, I was honestly hoping for 5 full songs. Now once the album really begins, these guys kick into gear. Warpath literally paves the way into something seriously heavy and dissonant, while providing the listener with some interesting breakdowns that don’t fail to disappointment. The vocals in this EP crush and this band did a great job of choosing when to double track. The drums (real or not, I can’t even tell sometimes these days) also stay interesting throughout, without detracting from the rest of the music. All of the instruments also sync up real tight at times and create a solid feel for this band. Now when I listen to a band that calls themselves Deathcore, I honestly don’t expect too much from the guitars. The three guitarists in this band (bass is a guitar) really show you that they are capable of more than guiding you to heavy breakdowns with “Screaming for Salvation”. This quick paced song brings out a little more of their versatility as musicians with an epic breakdown leading into riffage that makes you have to head bang at least a little, later leading into a solo and more intensity. This song really brought the EP together as a whole for me. Now I don’t expect, or even want, to hear another “Screaming for Salvation”. However, I need more songs that show me they aren’t another “Deathcore” band.

Conclusion:  As an album, the “Pathogenic” EP is really a coherent piece and flows well. The production quality is great as well as the reamp, mixing, and mastering (done by none other than the Tampa/Berlin native Sludge Studios). Inveterate is without a doubt talented and I’m going to keep listening to them. I’d recommend keeping an eye out for these dudes in the future and supporting them now because this EP rules. Also that jazz breakdown in Mirrors, thanks for not doing more of that because it was great.

Written by Vinny Medina

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