Thursday, February 13, 2014

Separatist – Motionless (2014)

Album:  Motionless
Genre:  Progressive/Blackened/Technical Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Prelude
2. The Reprieve
3. Plagues
4. A Gentle Reminder
5. Anaclasis
6. Untitled
7. In Dissonant Silence I:  Censura
8. In Dissonant Silence Ii:  Decessus
9. The Earth Defiled
10. I Despise
11. Like Shattered Stars
12. The Harvest

Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)
Preview:  “The Reprieve”

How in the fuck have I never heard of this band?  They sound SORT of like a more brutal version of “Akeldama”-era The Faceless, at least in my opinion.  Exactly what I’m looking for in my technical/blackened deathcore.  Spine-crushingly heavy, blisteringly fast-paced, technical, groovy, and pretty well-produced.  GRIM.  Apparently these guys came out with another album on the same day, which was already posted on our blog HERE.  Snag them both for free!

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