Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gortal - Deamonolith (2012)

Artist: Gortal
Album: Deamonlith
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Poland

Track List:

1. D.F.C.
2. Crimens Sollicitationis
3. Doombringer
4. Deliver Into Suffering
5. Deamonolith
6. Dreaming of Being Dead
7. Supernal Refuse
8. Cult of The Cloth
9. I Come In Peace

Preview: Crimens Sollicitationis

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A Polish metal band deriving a lot of influence off old Deicide, Morbid Angel and Immolation, Gortal does this style of DM perfectly. Really great modern twist and technicality mixed with that good old early 90's death metal gives way to an amazing sound which they nail on the head. They perform such punishing heaviness the likes I haven't really heard from any recent DM band, giving them big ups on the scene. Gortal stands as a very powerful force in the genre and are proving they will have a fruitful future with the dedication you can clearly hear in their music. Some crazy intense riffing coupled with amazing lead guitar only gets better with the precise drums and with how crisp the recording is, you can feel the aggression. Vocals couldn't fit their style any better with those great lows and matching highs, shits awesome. I'd say these guys are gods of newer straight up DM.

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