Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vanisher – The History of Saints (2010)

Album:  The History of Saints
Genre:  Melodic/Metalcore/Groove Metal

Track Listing:
1. Born to Breed
2. I am Failure
3. The Architect
4. A Wolf in the Fold
5. Oceans
6. Liaisons
7. State of Adversity
8. Frustrated Static
9. The History of Saints
10. Cavedweller
11. Pure Diesel
12. Conviction Cell

I told you I loved this band… faps to them too.  Vanisher dropped one of the best EP’s of the year earlier this month, posted HERE, so I figured I’d put their heavier/groovier full length up!  This album features the growls of their first vocalist, Adam Cody of Glass Casket (and now Wretched), and also some of the most vicious groove you’ll hear.  You especially wanna hear the part starting around 2:00 in “I Am Failure”, trust me.

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  1. Love their shit. New CD is incredible as well. Anything with Adam Cody in it I'll listen to.


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