Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out Of Yesteryear – The Blackness (2010)

Out Of Yesteryear
Album:  The Blackness
Genre:  Technical/Symphonic Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. The World of the Prophet
2. Running in Circles
3. Smile for the Camera
4. Indifference
5. Mercy is Definitely Not My Name
6. Devoid of Light
7. The Blackness
8. The Lake of Metanoia
9. Every Tomorrow
10. Sirens of Doom

Forgot about this band from Belarus for a while, but went back and listened to the whole album twice through yesterday and it got me thinking….this is one of the all-time great deathcore albums.  Can’t believe some people still haven’t heard it!  I don’t know if they broke up or whatever, but I definitely wouldn’t mind hearing more out of them.


  1. Both the album and their first EP are available on their Bandcamp for free:

    Also: "Out Of Yesteryear
    11. Juni
    All guitars and bass for a new album are done!!!!!!!!! Now were going to record vocals and keyboards!!!!!!! And tnhx to our big friend Alex Seden for his contribution in our new LP))))"


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