Thursday, August 16, 2012

Demolisher - Recognition (2011)

Album: Recognition
Genre: Hardcore/Deathcore Beatdown

Track Listing:
1. Abomination
2. Two Sided Coin
3. Corporal Punishment
4. Deliverance
5. Recognition
6. World Of Hatred
7. Repercussions
8. The Holding Pattern
9. The Free Fall
10. Condemned To The Vile
11. Bloodthisty Ways

Download (320 kbps)
Preview: "Two Sided Coin" / "Deliverance"

Second and final release of this amaizing band Demolisher, and yes... final release because they broke up :(. Amaizing production, all the tracks are so very nice structured, everything in this Album is so fucking great, Totally recommend it!... well... it's Demolisher!.


  1. too bad the didnt put FEFC on this, that was their BEST track hands down

  2. All of my yes... but well.. i liked the remastered version of Destroy (Bloodthirsty Ways). And all the album is very very nice, i love it. Demolisher is one of my fav bands of all the time. dang!


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