Monday, August 13, 2012

Arise in Stability – The Future that Amnesiac Draws (2011)

Arise in Stability
Album:  The Future that Amnesiac Draws
Genre:  Progressive Metal/Experimental/Post-Metal

Track Listing:
1. Maverick’s Wind
2. Creation of Ruin
3. Left Infinite Time
4. Unknown Grudge Crystal
5. If Jamie’s Chinese Gong Falls on Your Foot, You Must Rush To Tibet Before It Turns Crimson
6. The Future that Amnesiac Draws
7. Blank that Won’t Exist
8. Signpost of History
9. Reflection, Study, and Result of Perversion
10. A Wheel of Paradox

Japanese progressive insanity.  Shades of Unexpect, Between the Buried and Me, and some Dream Theater.  Another extremely diverse band you’d be an idiot to miss.  The cleans are kind of bad, but they don’t use them very much and the composition more than makes up for it.


  1. been listening to these guys a lot lately; one of my favorite bands out of japan if not just in general.
    The title song on this record is fucking unbelievable

    1. I don't know about "in general", but they're def my favorite out of Japan. Been listening to them almost a year, and I always circle back around to this album <3


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