Monday, June 4, 2012

Kosmophobia - Self Titled EP (2010)

Artist: Kosmophobia
 Album: Self Titled EP
Genre: Space / Death Metal
Location: Switzerland

Track List:

1. Aeons Conspiracy
2. Universe at Dusk
3. Etemenanki
4. Vimana
5. Eye of the Twins

Now this is how I like my spacey metal. I really didnt mind ROS first album, but from what Ive heard from the new stuff they release, idk if I like it. I need a little more of that space/alien sound. This band delivers that need, they use the synth in an amazing ambient, weird, out of this world sound in a brilliant way. This is some good shit, definitely one of my favorite "Space Metal" bands.  

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  1. ROS' new vocalist is REALLY generic. The previous one from Oscillator was so much better, they would have gone to another level of epicness if he had stayed.


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