Monday, June 11, 2012

Citadel - New Song (2012)

Album:  New Song
Genre:  Technical Death Metal/Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Solanum

 I fucking love it when we get great fan submissions like this.  The band describes themselves as for fans of Necrophagist, Beneath the Massacre, and ABI-FUCKING-OTIC (that’s Abiotic for the uninitiated).  They weren’t kidding.  Oodles of potential here, this is heavy as balls.  Like them on Facebook – they have less than 50 likes, you hipsters!


  1. 320??
    this is not a legit 320kbps mp3!
    this is what Josh's 320 looks like when analysed :

    not even close to a 320kbps but just a 128knps. lol

    1. That spectral 'flame' has got to be way up to the top if it's a legit 320kbps.

    2. I'm not going to do spectral analysis on every single fucking thing I post here. This is the highest quality you'll get, relax and enjoy.

    3. No, but you might want to rip appropriately.
      * Note:
      Youtube Highest Bitrate = 152 kbps

      1080p = 152 kbps
      720p = 152 kbps
      480p = 128 kbps
      Citadel's Solanum highest is at 720p
      When downloaded actual video (m4a) it's audio (screenshot) is at:


  2. lol
    you just don't know audio man! haha
    320 trannies are for kids XD

  3. Don't be a dick anonymous guy. Great shit. Brutal as fuck. Nice site Josh. Stay brutal!! \../

  4. lol.
    Some ppl think that they can rip music but they really don't know how to ^^
    You don't have "to do spectral analysis on every single fucking thing" but at least rip accordingly.
    A 320 rip on a 144kbps is retarded. You simply have your settings wayyy too high lol.

  5. shut the fuck up

    this is a free download. if you dont like it rip it or buy it yourselves

    nobody makes you come to this site

    F U C K you users make me angry

    1. I did rip it myself :)
      I don't trust the posts on here but musically it's a source somewhat lol
      most their posts are transcodes so I don't bother trying to download but see what bands/albums are out lol


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