Monday, July 1, 2013

Inner Xpose – Panoramic Horizon (2013)

Inner Xpose
Album:  Panoramic Horizon
Genre:  Progressive Metalcore/Atmospheric

Track Listing:
1. Synoptical Overflow
2. Perpetual Motion
3. Quintessence Inception
4. Essence
5. Age Of The Universe
6. Self Similarity

Download (320kbps)
Support:  Bandcamp ($6.51)

If you’re a fan of feelsy metalcore bands like Erra, Vice Or Virtue, Volumes, Northlane, or Neberu, don’t skip on Inner Xpose – I always enjoy when our fans post good stuff on our wall, and while this isn’t groundbreaking in the least, it’s still pretty damn well-executed for what they’re going for.  I would not have been heartbroken in the least if these guys had wound up on the compilation, but alas, I hadn't heard of them until today!

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