Monday, July 29, 2013

Omophagia – Guilt By Nescience (2013)

Album:  Guilt By Nescience
Genre:  Death Metal/Groove Metal

Track Listing:
1. The Ultimate Beginning
2. Guilt By Nescience
3. Gain From Suffering
4. Virtual Leader
5. Action Et Reaction
6. Awakening
7. D-Generation
8. Quest For Unhappiness
9. War On Mammon

Support:  Bandcamp

If you were to click on the preview link, you’d hear a LOT of influence from “Organic Hallucinosis”-era Decapitated and maybe some Sepultura (?), along with some fist-pumping gallop riffs, a la older thrash bands.  Unfortunately you can’t buy this album yet, but Omophagia is definitely some KILLER death metal.

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