Friday, August 17, 2012

Self Collapse – The Affliction (2009)

Self Collapse
Album:  The Affliction
Genre:  Progressive/Technical Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. The Affliction
2. Narcoleptic Scapegoat
3. An Invitation to the Gallows
4. Bane of the Nameless
5. Mechanical Process
6. Soar Above a Loathsome Breed

Dat preview song.  So good.  These guys now have the guitarist from First Fragment who’ll be appearing on their upcoming album.


  1. Actually, the guy in first fragment told me he only did session gigs with them for a short period of time (he also recorded some guest leads on their 2 new songs) while they were looking for a permanent guitarist to replace the one who played on this EP.

    Speaking of which, they found a new lead guitarist recently ; His name is Olivier and he plays in a technical death metal band from the same area called Brought By Pain :

    Check them out, great tech death band featuring members of Beyond Creation.

    1. Isn't brought by pain posted in here too?

    2. ahhh nope, guess it was posted on the old blog! thanks for letting me know :)


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