Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holy Week Ends - When This World Ends (2011)

Holy Week Ends
Album: When This World Ends
Genre: Blackened Deathcore
Location: Brazil
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Track Listing:
1. A Theme For A Murder
2. An Age Of Slavery
3. A Night Of Damnation
4. The Crown Of Ignorance
5. A Man, A Sinner
6. Disclosure
7. Behold The Fall Of A Giant
8. Virulent
9. Interlude For Extirpation
10. Annihilation
11. The Purest Sin
12. When This World Ends
13. Embrace The End
14. Beginnings

Download (320 kbps) 
Preview: "A Theme For A Murder" | "A Night Of Damnation"

Very nice Underground Deathcore from Brazil. The first song have an epic breakdown, and this is a different taste of Deathcore, oh yea! this guys implement some Keyboards on their songs, and well, very undergrond. A very nice, complete and powerful production. Check this guys.

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