Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Failure in Vanity - We, The People (2012)

Failure in Vanity
Album:  We, The People
Genre:  Progressive/Technical Deathcore

Track Listing:

1. Article 1
2. Declaration of Revolution
3. In Secrecy We Trust
4. To Deconstruct
5. War on Liberty
6. Corporate Fascism
7. Mother of the Exiled


HOLY SHIT.  HOLY.  SHIT.  I fucking LOVE this band.  First blog with this monster!  "We, The People" could easily end up being on my EP's of the year.  Obviously American history/politically-themed, which definitely isn't a bad thing at all.  Makes me crazy sad that they just broke up :'(  Let them know how much Duckcore loves them by liking their Facebook page.

PS:  Thanks for help with converting those obnoxious ADTS files, Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalah


  1. I converted them pretty easily dude. Here:

    VBR (V0)

    1. How did you do that? I looked online for like 20 minutes for a solution but everything I read said I needed a paid converter

  2. Isn't converting a bad thing?
    Isn't that making it a transcode?

    1. The original .aac files were at between 250-320, so by converting them into .mp3 format(VBR) all youre actually doing is just changing the type of audio file. Transcoding is when you have an original 128 kbps file and onvert it to 320 kbps file. Its still going to sound like a shitty 128 kbps file only now it takes up more space and has a fake name.

    2. yeah, like those josh posts you see on here lol
      josh couldn't convert his own post? lol
      with all his 'special' software' and he couldn't even convert them himself? OMFG! xD

    3. Oh okay I'm still trying to figure out this whole transcode thing lol.

      I'm Downloading this for sure :)

  3. "COULD easily be on my EP's of the year"

    ....? Read maybe. I also differentiate between EP's and albums of the year.

    Where's your blog, by the way? :)

  4. ^ Don't use someone else's blog for an excuse to cover your pathetic knowledge on bands and audio music :))
    Guys like interruptio & CammyMoi certainly bring credibility to this site,
    You and your cheap rips and ridiculous attempts at posting fail quite often than not.
    You are just irrelevant to the music scene, people can tell by the way you try too hard to impress others !!
    Just because you try to run this site, doesn't make you a source for music knowledge lol
    Your blog is another blog mixed in with the many thousands out there.
    So please don't try to use another person's blog as a way to redirect your failed attempts to try to impress people because the chances are great that they know a hell of a lot more on music than you try to pass off :))

    1. And yet here you are....

    2. "cheap webrips"

      Um, you're stealing music too dude. His rips actually sound pretty good, so I don't know what you're complaining about.

  5. @AnonymousAugust 16, 2012 9:49 PM
    You nailed it right on the head !!
    Kids will say everything is aoty but those who give time to music will have a better idea of knowing what albums are challengers for aoty.
    Listening to an album for a few hours just doesn't cut it that simply.
    But what do you expect, it's just another premature mumbo jumbo josh always puts out :)


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