Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Carcer City - The Road Journals (2012)

Carcer City
Album: The Road Journals
Genre: Progressive Metalcore/Groove Metal

1. Introduction
2. Lifeless, Awaken
3. The Constant Struggle
4. Distance
5. Ghosts, Pt. I (The Figure Brushed in White)
6. Ghosts, Pt. II (The Seraph Garden)
7. Ghosts, Pt. III (The Messenger)
8. Mistakes I Have to Live with
9. The Road Journals
10. Disaronno Lips
11. Eyes for the Blind, Ears for the Deaf
12. 05.35
13. If We Make It Home

I know, I know. Many bands with this style today, chuggy, proggy Metalcore with these "let-ring"-leads. But I know only a few with this passion and love for details and atmosphere. Great record. Support them and download it for free from the website, only payment is to share it through Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. WHoa. wasn't expecting to like this but the preview track is sick, hope the rest of it holds up.


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