Friday, August 10, 2012

Black Sheep Wall - No Matter Where It Ends (2012)

Black Sheep Wall
Album: No Matter Where It Ends
Genre: SLUDGE!!!

01. Agnostic Demon
02. Liminality
03. Vitruvian God
04. Black Church
05. Torrential
06. Ambient Ambitions
07. Cognitive Dissonance
08. Personal Prophet
09. Flesh Tomb

Imo, this is heavier than all Deathcore, Death Metal and Brutal Braces Music of the big bad guys together. It's slow, it's deep, it's swampy, it's the pure essence of Sludge. With memeber of the awesome Admiral Angry, BSW doing the same stuff again on the second record. And it still works.  


  1. This is really good, should get The Psyke Project up too, everyone needs to hear them if they like this.

  2. Hadn't heard any sludge metal before, so I took a quick listen and it's amazing! Thanks for the share and I hope there be some more! :D

  3. you should check out I Am God Songs, that album shatters the new one imo, and pretty much everything else :P


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