Friday, August 17, 2012

Anomalous – OHMnivalent (2011)

Album:  OHMnivalent
Genre:  Progressive/Technical Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Premateria (A Fire Birth)
2. The Seraphim Veil
3. Bicruciforms:  The Eternal Return
4. Ohmnivalent
5. Mitosis
6. Panacea
7. Hypnagogue
8. Demiurge
9. Binary Resurrection

Support:  iTunes ($8.91)

Dizzyingly technical and chaotic…OHMnivalent is all over the freakin place, and can be really hard to wrap your head around.  Anomalous does nothing more than change the pace approximately 3.6 million times from Braindrill-y noodling to “Focus”-era Cynic and everything in between.  It got a pretty glowing review from HERE.  One iTunes user even says “As a composer of death metal and jazz, I found myself marveling at the time and effort and sheer practice it must have taken to even write this album, must less perform it.”

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