Thursday, June 7, 2012

Numbers - Numbers (2012)

Album:  Numbers
Genre:  Progressive Metalcore/Groove/Electronic

Track Listing:
1. Introduction
2. Ice on Fire
3. Bravery
4. Please the Senses
5. Figured You Forgot
6. Oh Teh Monies
7. Give it Time

Well this was a pleasant surprise for metalcore…when I saw “electronic” in the genre, I was really hesitant, but it’s actually pretty enjoyable.  Even in that preview song, Numbers shows you they know how to lay down the groove w/ synth in the background without sounding overly cheesy…it just makes it sound really cool.  The singer ain’t half bad either :) If you’re a fan of metalcore, you’ll probably like this.


  1. you know i don't mind electronics in metal, i even like the browning, but this is pretty bad

  2. I liked the demos better than these final versions. They were a bit rough but they had a lot more energy. It sounds like they toned down the guitar for these.


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