Friday, November 8, 2013

Aeolist - Aeolist EP (2013) - Review

 Artist: Aoelist
Album: Aeolist
Genre: Progressive Metal

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV

Since the release of their first single, "I", I´m fucking stoked for the first EP by the exceptional band Aeolist. This well written debut track had everything what you need for an awesome Modern Prog Metal sensation.

Founded 2 years ago in Norwich (UK), Aoelist prepared the selftitled debut EP for all of you who love intelligent progressive music. With their highly considered show at the UK Tech-Metal Fest, this band generated a strong fanbase for their eagerly-awaited debut EP. The artwork is made by Alex Pryle from Dead Crown Design, one of my favorite artists in this business. He also designed the covers for Plini, Point Below Zero, Goodthink or Bleeding Skies.
I will do a track-by-track review for this little masterpiece.

The first track, "I", released some months ago, starts with a Protest The Hero-like riff and tons of dynamic and energy. Passionate vocals, blasting drums alternate with groovy patterns, and the chaotic, but melodic riffing reminds of the the last BTBAM records. The first break comes along with a brilliant and little bit frantic Post Rock part. The whole song is characterized by dissonant leads and the amazing main riff. After some crazy White Walls memorial sweeps, the track leads back to the main theme.

"II" start with an epic odd rhythmic breakdown. The first part of the song is really chaotic and mathy, which progress a destroying energy. With the help of awesome chords, the track guide you to a phenomenal Jazz part, with an amazing solo. The remain of the song is a huge Between The Buried And Me hommage, with a guitar solo, which would make Paul Waggoner proud.

The third track, "III" is still in the BTBAM vibe, with every trademarks, which make Between The Buried And Me to such a magnificent band. The climax of the song is with no doubt the epic middle part and the harmonized guitar solo after it. The second solo is placed in a classic Prog Metal part and has some interesting phrases and voicings in there.

Last but not least, "IV". This over 11 minutes monster is the heart of the whole EP, and combines all the great attempts of Aeolist. Starting with this awesome clean intro, the song shows the whole potential of this band. Similar to some Post Rock bands, the track escalates to a overwhelming Post Metal journey a la Isis, but without forgetting their roots. My favorite part is the smoothy and bluesy solo, with so much emotion, so much intelligence, hand in hand. "IV is my favorite song of the EP. Word.

After listening to whole 29 minutes of this EP, I have only one point of criticism.
Too often I think about other bands, like Between The Buried And Me (!!!), Protest The Hero or Isis, especially in the last song. Which isn´t bad at all. But for the future, Aeolist need more individuality and some time to evolve their own personal style! But all things considered, this critique on a very high level.

So if you love progressive music, buy this shit! The release date is November 14th, and the record will be availabe through all the well-known platforms.

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