Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Against The Waves – The Golden Hive (2012)

Against The Waves
Album:  The Golden Hive
Genre:  Metalcore/Post-Hardcore/Electronic

Track Listing:
1. Enter The Swarm
2. Hivemind
3. Nebraska
4. Ecotone
5. Twin Tracks
6. Something More
7. The Bitter End
8. Spotlights And Papercuts
9. Syzygy

Download (320kbps):  Zippy / Bandcamp
Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)

Definitely give these guys a chance if you're a metalcore fan -- they recently won a battle of the bands in Spain, and it shows.  I hear some old As Blood Runs Black rhythm and some Viatrophy-esque fist-pumping riffs in their sound.  They don’t do anything that hasn’t been done before, but if you take the best band on Rise Records today, add talent, and get rid of the whineyness in the clean sections and most of the predictability in the song structure, I’d imagine you’d end up with something like Against The Waves.  

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