Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aurora Borealis – Timeline: The Beginning and End of Everything (2011)

Aurora Borealis
Album:  Timeline:  The Beginning and End of Everything
Genre:  Blackened Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Our Legacy
2. Crucible of Creation
3. Formation
4. Stygian Depths
5. A Creature called human (Among Other Things)
6. The Evolution After Evolution
7. The Only Space Race That Matters
8. Beyond The Oort Cloud
9. Tearing Holes In The Fabric Of Time
10. Interlude To Cessation
11. The Rebirth

Jesus this is evil.  The production is a LOT better-sounding than in the preview track, believe me…but just listen to those riffs & dem blasts.  These guys have been around forever and they’re inexplicably not well-known…change that.  Anyways, big ups to slexdysic panderp for showing me these guys…if you like your death metal blackened or technical like me, get all over this stat.


  1. I just met the blog, I'll make sure to check out everything blackened you post, dude!
    This is the coolest thing I've heard this month, thanks!

  2. This is dirty! Thank you for this one!


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