Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Vile Impurity - Anathema (2012)

The Vile Impurity
Album:  Anathema
Genre:  Technical Deathcore/Technical Death Metal
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Track Listing:
1. Annihilate This Destination
2. Bound Eternally Rotting
3. Mangled Jezebel
4. Messiahs Disgrace
5. Fall To Damnation
6. Monolith Of Tyranny

Download (320kbps)
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Preview: "Bound Eternally Rotting" / "Fall To Damnation"

Now here we go...Oh my GOD this is NUTS!!!!!!  Easily one of the sickest death metal or deathcore albums you'll hear in all of 2012.  "Anathema" will wind up as one of my top EP's this year, it's so fucking heavy and technical.  Swimming With Sharks Records really did this one right.  I thought Mouth of the Serpent and Thy Devourer were by far the best bands on the label, but now I'm not so sure...god damn, you guys all need this.  Buy the record, buy merch, buy everything.  WE NEED MORE VILE IMPURITY <3


  1. I have a copy of uabb:)

  2. over hyped like usually. I bet the next tech deathcore album you get will be the best thing you ever heard....tool shed

    1. If you think I overhyped it, it's because your tastes don't match up with mine...because, you know, everybody has their own taste

      Personally, I think it's fucking awesome. I love music that mixes tech death and a sprinkle of deathcore like TVI does. If you don't, suck it up or go to another blog or something

  3. and so does every other blog on the net..and anyway new UABB isnt even that good.

  4. haha, can always tell when its josh's album

  5. actually pretty decent, jammin it right now

  6. new Uabb just blows imo, maybe im out of deathcore? idk. but this sounds a bit like thy art is murder! not that this band is the only one, but a good way to branch out new fans

  7. Vile Impurity will eat your soul! <3


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