Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sothoros - Flood The Stone (2010)

Album:  Flood The Stone
Genre:  Technical/Melodic Death Metal
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Track Listing:
1. Primate Inferior
2. Libations of Blood and Vomit
3. Hoarheart
4. Exham Priory
5. This Ship is Full of Ice and Water
6. Island
7. Wayland Hawk
8. Lichen Bush

Download (192kbps)
Preview: "Wayland Hawk"

These guys sound just like Son of Aurelius, with a slightly more laid-back feel.  If you dig SoA, you'll LOVE Sothoros.  These guys deserve way more attention...I got really into them last year, and just rediscovered them last night :)  Check it out!


  1. oh god i despise this band. sons of auruelius are so much better this band sounds like a huge piece of shit took a shit on another piece of shit

  2. how can you despise Sothoros? lol have you not heard Hoarheart?


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