Monday, April 9, 2012

Soreption - Deterioration of Minds + Illuminate the Excessive (2009-2010)

Album:  Deterioration of Minds (LP) + Illuminate the Excessive (Demo)
Genre:  Technical Death Metal/Thrash/Groove?

Track Listing:
"Deterioration of Minds"
1. Suppressing the Mute
2. The Hypocrite, Undying
3. Breeding Exile
4. ...To Dim the Aching
5. A Wolf Among Men
6. Deterioration of Minds
7. By Venom Entitled
8. March of the Tyrants
"Illuminate the Excessive (Demo)"
9. 1
10. 2
11. 3

This is my kind of death metal right here.  Take Diskreet and add groove and some more catchiness, and you have yourself Soreption.  So good.

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