Friday, April 6, 2012

Shakespeare's Silhouette - Lord Of Destinies (Single) (2012)

Shakespeare's Silhouette
Album: Lord Of Destinies
Genre: Metalcore / Deathcore
Location: Belarus

Track Listing:
1. Pirates Of The Tethys Sea
2. Lord Of Destinies

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  1. Umm.... Just so you know, and to improve others chances of finding this band who are interested in this genre, Shakespeare's Silhouette is "Symphonic Deathcore" not normal deathcore, and most certainly not shitty metalcore. I just wanted to let you know, because i love symphonic deathcore, and when i look for new bands on various blogspots, i almost always do so by genre. Thus while the genre of band is often subjective, in this case they are clearly defined in their genre, Symphonic* deathcore.


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