Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Reference To A Sinking Ship - Aimless EP (2010) + New Songs (2011-2012)

 In Reference to a Sinking Ship
Album:  Aimless + New Songs
Genre:  Technical Metalcore/Progressive Deathcore?

Track Listing:
Aimless EP (2010)
1. Defeated
2. Dreameater
3. Aimless
4. Bloodline
5. To Those of Faith

New Songs (2011-2012)
1. From Eden
2. Hounds
Preview New Songs:  "From Eden"

There's a reason these guys are tearing it up on the Shredded to Pieces tour with King Conquer and Abiotic.  Can't believe I'd never given them a listen before, but damn this is awesome stuff.  Extremely catchy and groovy with some understated technicality thrown in there...a bit like Visionaries & Amarna Reign meets After the Spire!  Definitely a worthy band to play with the likes of Abiotic...give it a spin :)

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  1. I'm guessing they got their name from the Norma Jean song?


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