Thursday, April 19, 2012

Elysian - Wires of Creation (2012)

Album:  Wires of Creation
Genre:  Progressive Death Metal/Melodic Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Man's Design
2. Sigma
3. The Climb From Fear
4. Eternal Breath
5. Sense Offender
6. The Gate
7. Play the Hand
8. Calming the Storm
9. Conquest
10. Machine
11. A Cry from the Helpless

Download (320kbps)
Support:  iTunes
Preview:  "Sense Offender"

Big ups to FSH over at The Genre Smasher for showing me these guys.  Some awesome progressive/melodic death metal here with thrash elements sprinkled in.  Plus, that preview song is about a movie called "Equilibrium", which I strongly suggest you guys check out -- it's been compared to "The Matrix".  Anyways, this album will be getting lots of play for a while!


  1. Holy shit they are playing with Arch Enemy on the 1st! I HAVE TO GET THERE!!!

  2. Yah, I dig it for shizzle. I wish it was on sale somewhere other than iTunes. Me no like DRM.

  3. Cool, it's on Google Play. $9.49. DRM-free MP3. Play on iPod, play on Android, play on your grandma's car stereo. lulz.


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