Sunday, April 8, 2012

Elysia - Masochist

Artist: Elysia
Album: Masochist
Genre: Deathcore
Location: California

Track List:

1. Disgust
2. Masochist
3. Filthy
4. Malignancy
5. Triumph
6. Theocracy
7. Xenophobia
8. Incinerate
9. Sadist
10. Swine

Yeah so these guys are what got me full on into metal. They are pioneers of deathcore and if you cant get into them, then you dont deserve to. Ive seen these guys live with Knights Of The Abyss and With Blood Comes Cleansing. Sickest show Ive ever seen. If you dont know these guys, then get to know this release because this is a most have if you are into deathcore. One of my favorite albums of all times.....period.

I dont need a preview, do I?


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  2. steve, im going to be honest and just say that you cant tell people that theyre not good enough for metal if they dont listen to a specific band you really admire. i really respect your taste since i know its a lot more refined than a lot of other's and honestly its much more mature. But hell, i could listen some shitty synth pop grind that sucks more balls than Billy McGee and not give a shit about your opinion. Music isnt about whats better or whats worse, its about personal taste and its advancement and direction. I have no hate against you and i truly respect you, just dont take out your dick in front of everyone ;)

    -stupid misspelling errors :P

    1. i hear ya man, i do but really im being sarcastic. no need to get all serious about my posts, i guess my way of being funny isnt being recieved you really think i feel people dont deserve to listen to a band? lol

  3. agree with the guy above, yet we share the same opinion, one of the best deathcore bands ever, fuck Suicide Silence haha! cheers

  4. Steve your little paragraphs you write whenever you upload any album are usually

    1 Wrong
    2 Opinionated
    3 gloating
    4 making you seem to look like a douche bag

    please learn 2 write better and not seem like such a faggot every time you upload an album

  5. wow lol. im seriously being sarcastric as fuck with these uploads. Relax now, i dont care about your bitching but when everyone one gets all butt hurt its just funny to me. I dont care what you like or how you feel if IM uploading an album i fucking love, sorry

  6. all their demos shit on both full lengths. if ur gonna hype this band up so much at least post their best shit

  7. there is no winning with you guys lol and yes i love tease her please her stick her in the freezer ep but all the demos lack the quailty compared to masochist which is why i posted it

  8. Legitimately the best deathcore album of all time!

  9. Teamsteve just stop fucking uploading and fuck off nobody has ever liked you

    1. That was probably a guy... so you are gay? Well when you are out of the closet please kill yourself this blog would do much better with out you. Notice how all your posts get like 15 comments of hate?

  10. HOLY SHIT Incinerate is so good!

  11. Despised Icon are more pioneers than these guys, although I'll admit i used to listen to this band years ago elysia aren't grounbreaking with their lyrical content or musical ability. One of the bands that I prefer to think of as a memory. To each their own though.


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