Sunday, April 15, 2012

Decades of Despair - Discography (2007-2011)

Decades of Despair
Genre:  Melodic Deathcore/Technical Death Metal
Location: France

"Beneath The Ruins" (2007 Demo)
3 Tracks, ~0:11 min
Preview:  (None Available)

"Throes of the Wretched" (2009 EP)
5 Tracks, ~0:21 min

"Wrath of the Fallen Gods" (2011 Single)
2 Tracks, ~0:08 min

The single "Wrath of the Fallen Gods" clued the world in that this INSANE technical deathcore/technical death metal band from France has a chance to ascend to the elite of the genre, so the fact that they have less than 3,000 likes on Facebook is really one of life's great mysteries.  Decades of Despair are one of my favorite up and coming bands (containing members from another French giant, Upheaval) and they're due to release an album later this year.  Get stoked!

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