Monday, June 2, 2014

Review: Voice Of Ruin - Morning Wood (2014)

Artist: Voice Of Ruin
Album: Morning Wood
Genre: Death Metal/Horny Farmer Metal

1.Welcome To The Stud Farm 01:27
2.Party Hard 03:58
3.Through The Eyes Of Machete 03:55
4.Day Of Rage 04:30
5.The Rise Of Nothing 04:30
6.Morning Wood 04:20
7.Viols Désinvoltes 04:17
8.Cock'n Bulls 03:27
9.Today Will End 02:41
10.Sex For Free 04:06
11.Big Dick 04:27
12.Dirty 04:09


These Swiss dudes have made quite an interesting concept to their band. The concepts and ideas are hilarious, and the music is crushing, and you can tell these guys are a ton of fun to hang with. Usually I despise clean singing, but the clean vocals on "Through the Eyes of Machete" with the overall culmination of guitars and growls I have to admit worked out great (not so much on the title track in my opinion).

Album opens up with an instrumental "Welcome to Stud Farm" and right away the track name lets you know what you're in store for. Music is gentle, a pleasant distraction that lulls you into a false sense of beauty before the band kicks in and just gets banging. Then it's off to metal land. This album is an onslaught of solid riffs and grooves any death metaller should find easy to headbang to.


Written by Austin Leiser

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