Monday, April 9, 2012

Fester - A Celebration Of Death (2012)

Artist: Fester
Album: A Celebration Of Death
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Location: Norway

Track List:

1. Rites of Ceres
2. The Black Tower
3. March of Death
4. I'll Hunt You Down
5. Metalized
6. Jeg Spytter På Deg
7. Last Day of Battle Pt. I
8. Last Day of Battle Pt. II
9. A Face for a Funeral
10. Rites of Mortiis (feat. Mortiis)

Fuck ya! This is some amazingly executed Blackened Death Metal the likes I havent heard before. The vocals are evil as fuck, shrieking highs and some good guttural lows throw in there every once in awhile. Very well balance of guitar between Death and Black metal for sure. If you get wet to this type of cryptic shit, then jump on this release ASAP.


  1. This is really bad..

    1. Thumbs up T.Steve! This was a blast from the past with a fresh new breeze! Great dark and cold metal. To call this really bad makes me wonder what you (@anonymous) calls great

  2. its a lot more black metal for sure and thats hard for a lot of people to get into


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